The Enigma - Marianne Fredriksson

I ended up reading "The Enigma" by my favorite author Marianne Fredriksson, this morning.

The book is about Lillemor Lundgren when she one morning walks in the forest and to her big fear finds the course of a murdered woman under a tree. The dead woman looks Like Lillemor herself, an exact copy of her as a young woman.  This is how the story begins. But it also talks about two different cultures and friendship between Lillemor and Sara from Greece. How the different cultures separate them and then still unites them in another way. The spirality, to be a woman in different cultures and how life was in "the old days" but still lives on today.

This story captures you in a manner that you can't stop reading! Well, as usual when a good book captures me, I read until my eyes hurt at night. I wake up early the day after, the first thing I do is to grab some coffee and begin reading where I left the night before. I just love the feeling when a book captures me in that way, that you just don't want it to end. And when the book comes to the end and it´s over, a feeling of emptiness captures me. The story lives inside me for a while and I repeat it within me to understand more about the characters and their story.

Marianne Fredriksson is a Swedish author, born 1927 and died in 2007. She published fifteen novels and most of them are biblical novels. A central theme in her writings is friendship because, as she maintained, "friendship will be more important than love" in the future. (

I have read almost every novel that she has written and every time her stories capture me, but not like this one, "The Enigma". Next on my list is The Flood (Syndafloden). I don't know if this is translated into English. The story is about Noah and his family. How Noah built the ark, his family and the voyage they have in front of them.