The meaning of life

When you least expect things, things will come to you”

I took a late visit to the bookstore this evening in search of a map. Yes, I know Google Maps, but I still like the traditional ones in the paper where you can see the whole city in one picture. However, I started to talk to one of the employers spontaneously and he asked me about the map and he asked me how long I´ve been, Catania. Many people find it quite strange to move from Sweden to Sicily. (You leave a nation where everything works, to an island who is almost the opposite). But for me is not and neither to him (he is from the north of Italy).  

In some point in life, you find other values who is more important than anything else, like having the latest fashion in your wardrobe, shoes, handbags, cars etc it doesn’t matter. Things who really matters and make your day is the small thing in everyday life. Like waking up in the morning and the sun is shining, go to the bar below and have your morning coffee. Run to work along the beachside an early morning, feel al the flavors, morning sun, even the early morning traffic. But most of all the true pleasure to stay with friends, parents, and family. 

 He said a very nice thing about Sicily; Sicily is like a big mother, who embraces everyone. If you are poor, you can go to the market and buy clothes and food for almost nothing, you can be rich, blue, yellow, happy, sad. Mother Sicily will always forgive you and embrace you. The Sicilian life is simple, beautiful and grateful with all its flavors. 

I dedicate August Wilhelmsson – “Somewhere In Between” to this moment…