Bookworm, book hoarder or passionate about reading?

To be or not to be a bookworm, book hoarder or just a passionate book lover?  I can confess that     I´m a truly a passionate book lover. I don´t have too many books, I just don´t have enough bookshelves and space for the bookshelves. Many of my friends are asking me if I´m planning to have my own personal library and to all of them the answer is: Yes!     Reading books is a passion my mother has passed to me and she had a lot of books (nearly over 4000 books). Her bedroom was like a library, there were books everywhere (even under the bed). 

I know that I have lots of books and my wish list is very very long. The good side of the coins is that is always easy to make me a gift (just be sure to give me the right book). It´s a magical feeling when your book box arrives, you open it up and the smell of new books. Don´t you think?