Bullet Journal - Make it easy

As you may notice about the Bullet Journal, it’s a huge world that opens up. My highest recommendation is to start easy, with simple templates. The purpose of the Bullet Journal is to organize your life to get an objective overview of your year. There are people who make their bullet journal for a whole year, I take one month time. This works best for me. The most important is that you take your time to get to know what you are in need of and how it will work best and easiest for you. 

I start every month with a short overview so I can see what the month brings. I have made a whole year planner for all birthdays, one part “to-do-list”, and one for the art supplies I need to buy, economic overview and so on.  

For December I have written down all the Christmas gift I have received from family and friends, so I won´t forget to whom I will bring a gift Christmas 2019. Maybe it´s sound funny but if you have a big family, it´s really a big help to have. 

I almost forgot one special one… my bucket list. This is my favorite! I write down about four things I want to do this year and the places I want to visit, even if there is any new class I want to go to.