Bring your dreams to reality and tell others about them!

How about your dreams?
Do you live your life to pursue them?
Do you tell others about your dreams?

I´m a quite big fan of Ted Talks ( like millions of people world wide. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spread ideas and the talks you can find in 100 different languages. Amazing isn´t?!

The other day I saw a Ted Talk by Barbara Sher about “Isolation is a dream killer”. Barbara Sher is a great lady, she runs her own business, author of seven best-selling books, holds seminars and workshops. Many are calling her “The Godmother of life coaching”.

We all have dreams, don´t we? Some few and some many and some of us are cool with keeping our dreams. And others want to fulfill their dreams but they don´t know how. Listen to Barbara Sher made me think differently about my dreams.  How we all are problem-solving people and have it naturally to help each other only if you express your desire to fulfill your dreams in a correct way. Because we depend on each other to make our dreams come true. Don´t we?

For example, I would love to sell my art and have expeditions but I don´t know how to realize this. Here are my wish and I this is the obstacles: living in a new country, don´t know the market, huge concurrence, pricing, quality of my art, and I can go on much more… But thanks to Barbara Sher I now see it differently, now I have the possibility and motivation to see clearly around my dream and the obstacles. I have to express my dream and wishes to people around me and maybe someone will hear my dream and reach out a helping hand…