Three different lives

Currently, I´m reading “Reality Shifts” written by Cynthia Sue Larson (Click A. Posa Books if you want to read more about the book). Arriving at page 73 she has written some questions that caught my attention and made me do some serious reflection… Let me quote: “Imagine your life as three different sets of possible realities, each one different than the life you are living right now../.. How do you feel about these possible life paths?” Take your time and so some reflection on this question.

Interesting isn´t? Now take three sheets of paper and name them or by number or what you like. Now you write down three different lives that you can visualize, imaging or that you dream about. Please note it should not be about your current life. Try to make it as detailed as possible with pictures, feelings, thoughts, surroundings etc. 

When you are done and here come the tricky questions… What do you notice confronting these three lives? Is there any of these three lives that is more important to you than the others? If yes, what does it tells you? What are the feelings and thoughts that evoke in you?