Life is all about you, and only you

“My life is my message” Ghandi

If I would give a piece of life advice to keep near to your heart it would be: “The best friend you will ever have is yourself, take good care of you and nature your mind and soul with love. Be kind, have patience, live today and surround yourself with people who you love and love you back. Don´t take any shit and stand up for you being you. Be proud of who you are and don´t let any mess up your mind”. 

When I was 21 years old my life took a turnover. I didn’t know then but today at 45 years old I know that it was a big change and a start of a long voyage in my life. At 21 years old I began to ask “Why” and a new curiosity was born. I wanted to know why I was having the thought I had, why I was feeling the way I did, why do people behave in the way they do, why do people hurt each other when they love each other or are in a relationship/marriage and so many more questions. 

I through myself over self-help books, spirituality, new-age, psychology, miracles, family constellations, near-death experience, miracle, about death and life, different religions and in the end, I have a library with over 2000 books today. I needed to get closer to the answers of all the “Why” I had, to find an explanation, to gain knowledge, to know, to understand and to see our inner universe, to put the Micro Cosmos confront of Macro Cosmos. 

After all these years I found many answers and explanations to my “Why” (and I still do). But we, as humankind, dedicate our lives to find our “Holy Grail”. If you look at the Holy Grail as a symbol for eternal inner peace. You may notice around you that many are searching for inner peace outside of them instead of looking inside. As a result, we become separated from our own persona and the feeling of being lost is getting bigger and bigger. There will be too many “if I only…” instead of a feeling of gratefulness and serenity over what we have achieved so far in life.

To be continued… 

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